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The vast work on Philosophy and Arabian Medicine by Avicenna (10th century) is truly the masterpiece of the era. Even though it does not mention alcohol, it contains a detailed description of the alembic still and its uses. The likely origins of the term 'spirituous', which is used do describe alcoholic drinks, dates back to the 13th century, since it was at this time that the expression 'spirit of wine' was widely used. The French expression Eau de Vie, meaning 'water of life', derives from the medicinal properties of spirituous drinks, which were held to have the virtue of prolonging life. Many ancient civilisations used potions based on these drinks, which had magical and ritualistic qualities.

There are documents showing that, around 1600, the Company of Jesus gave particular attention to the properties of brandy (aguardente/spirit), and spent a lot of time investigating new alcoholic substances and new distillation methods. In this period, alembic stills were found not only in the homes of nobles, but in those of farmers too, who used the alembic still to improve their quality of life a little.

The use of herbs and roots in the distillation process made it possible to produce remedies, for both the official pharmacopoeia and household use. Today, the traditional alembic type of still has been replaced by more sophisticated distilling apparatus for industrial output. But traditional copper stills are nonetheless employed today to make certain spirituous drinks, like Cognac, Scotch whisky and Ketel One Vodka, being used also in the production of the world best beers.

The typical shape of the copper alembic still is said to give the drink a special unique taste. And there is no doubt at all that the copper still is far and away the best option. These copper alembic stills are ideal not only for professional use, but also for household use, especially to make flower waters, essential oils and spirituous drinks and for other distillation purposes.

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