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The Cataplana is a peculiar and unique culinary utensil typically of Algarve portuguese region. Are basically two half concave pans, united by a security hinge and two side locks, thereby allowing an airtight cooking of the delicacies, and therefore being in essence, precursor of the current pressure cooker.

Regarding its origin, although being a much debated question, as there is no official records of its creation, it is known that they began being produced decades ago in Algarve region by ancient craftsmen, being this region also known in times by their many craftsmen in the art of working copper. Since the old times made in copper, in the traditional way like ours, allowing in this way, not only an excellent conductivity of heat, but also in terms of cooking, giving a special and unique taste to its recipes.

Besides, the cooking process used by the Cataplana prevents the loss of the ingredients and aromas, ensuring a full and excellent flavour. Furthermore, cooking in the Cataplana is healthier since the recipes use less fat, and thus contain fewer calories. The typical copper Cataplana (tinned interior), like ours, distributes the heat more evenly and efficiently.

Used to cook typically Mediterranean dishes, being its most famous traditional recipe "Clams in Cataplana", which is available together with others delicious recipes, in our site.

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