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The native copper, the first metal used by man, was already known by some of the most ancient civilizations that we have notice, and has been used since 9000BC.

Were is actually Iraque, was found copper necklace dated from 8700BC. Meawhile the accidental discovery of the metal may be ocurred some millenniums before. The most ancient mentions to the use of this noble metal come from the Bible, the Old Testament, where we can read about the son of Lameque and Zila, «Tubalcaim», master of whole work of copper and iron.

In the book of the Exodus we have also examples of his use in the construction of the temples. The magnificent columns of the Solomon Temple, were made in copper as it is mentioned in Chronicles. Also in the Book of Job it is mentioned the importance of copper.

Other example of the presence of copper in the Bible, is the mysterious copper scroll of Qumran, part of the Dead Sea scrolls.

These are some of many examples of the use of copper in the Bible, used by the most ancient civilizations that the world already known. Copper is also the part of many rich stories and legends, such as that of Iraq's "Baghdad Battery." Copper cylinders soldered to lead, which date back to 248 B.C. to 226 A.D, resemble a galvanic cell, leading people to believe this may have been the first battery.

The principal deposits of copper of ancient world were located in the Sinai, in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Cyprus, in Macedonia, in Iberia and in Central Europe. The principal European Bronze mines were located in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Tirol.

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