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The use of bronze predominated in such a way during a period of the history of the humanity that ended being called « Bronze Age ». The transition period between the neolithic period (end of the Stone Age) and the Bronze Age was called chalcolithic period (from the Greek Chalcos), limit that marks the passage from the prehistory to history.

In all the moments of history of ancient world, copper contributed immensely to the development of the civilization and the culture, like we saw

it in Temple doors and many other architectural elements of the Egyptians; needles of copper in the ruins of the second city of Troy; bells and cauldrons of China; classic statues of the Hellenic world; bull`s head fused in copper in the real cemetery of Ur, Mesopotâmia; copper tubes for water in Egypt; axles, swords and knives; ornaments and varied articles. The museums in whole world are full of the uses that the primitive man gave to one of his biggest discoveries.

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