Author: Marta Randusová (Czech Republic)
The package of copper alembic arrived today. It made me very happy, the alembic is very beautiful, nice work! Everything on the alembic should be fine. I´ll start working with its as soon as possible. Thank you very much for the perfect customer service and all the best.
Author: Izumi Davison (Portugal)
My order was delivered today, on time! I am so pleased to have such a beautiful cataplana in my kitchen. It is a perfect and healthy cooking for my husband and myself. Many thanks for your assistance and useful information in your email. I am looking forward to using my cataplana this weekend. Very exciting!!
Author: Ana (Portugal)
Bom dia, acabei de receber a minha encomenda, está tudo em ordem. Quero vos dar os parabéns pelo vosso profissionalismo e rapidez de resposta.

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