Author: Corina Bergmaier (Germany)
Muito obrigado for the very fast delivery of the cataplana. we habe already had the first test yesterday and it was perfect! ok, we don?t have the same quality of fresh fish and seafood in germany, but it was a little bit portugal-feeling. We wish you all the best and hope that we have corona very soon under control. Looking forward to our next journey to your wonderful country!!!
Author: Richard Gilbert (Canada)
Thank you for your great service! My son in Lisbon really likes the cataplana. Merry Christmas and Thank you again. It's hard when we are in Nova Scotia and want to send a gift to Portugal. I'm glad I found you folks! All the Best!
Author: Nadezda Knyazeva (Russian Federation)
Finally I've received my alquitar!!! It's wonderful and beautiful. I've already used medlar flowers. Delicious!!! Next will be tangerine peel. The thermometer is very useful for me. Thank you so much for this present!!! I suppose that soon will come back for the bigger one)))))) Sincerely Yours, Nadya

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