Copper Alembic Still Whisky with Wooden Base
Ref.: 7049
Copper Alembic Still Whisky with Wooden Base
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Our whiskey model still is based on the best known and reputed Scottish whiskey stills. It is also a very faithful replica of the stills used in most Scottish homes until the 18th century. This distillation unit is therefore recommended for making any type of whiskey. The Whiskey Still has its own characteristics: onion-shaped helmet with a narrow column, slightly inclined condenser connection tube, which pushes the vapors back into the pot, increasing the reflux and purifying the distillate. Copper stills are, in the whiskey industry, only used to make the best quality whiskeys, and copper plays an important role in the distillation of this drink, as it gives it a special character. This unit includes a special wooden base with iron brackets and a special alcohol burner. In addition to being a fantastic decorative device, this set is ready to be used in distillations. NOTE: If you want this still with the application of our thermometer (available in our "accessories" section), the purchase of this still must be made at the same time as the thermometer. Copper screens for this model are also available in the "Accessories" section.
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