Copper Traditional Alembic Still
Ref.: 7003-2
Copper Traditional Alembic Still
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This old tradition alembic still owe its origins to the old Arab traditions and to the great ancient alchemist masters, who in their intense search of the "Filosofal Stone", have created this ancient distillation appliance. Later this still was used also in the Iberian Peninsula and rest of Europe, which has been coming to happen even to our days. We use in the production of this alembic, copper of the first quality and strong thickness. We use also high purity tin and copper solder in the alembic still unions, allowing in this way a construction free of lead. This alembic still model can be used for the distillation of alcoholic drinks, essential oils and flower waters. PLEASE NOTICE: If you wish to purchase this alembic still with our spring thermometer application (available in our section "accessories"), you must purchase the alembic still at the same time of the thermometer. Copper Sieve Trays for this model are also available in our section "Accessories".
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