Copper Alembic Still "Whisky"
Ref.: 7031
Copper Alembic Still "Whisky"
VAT not included
Our Copper Alembic Still "Whisky" is based on the traditional Scotish copper stills that are used by the best Distilleries in Scotland to produce the best quality of Whisky. Being the copper, a metal for excellence used since ancient times in all these traditional still systems to produce Whisky, we created this model, produced with first quality copper and totally made by hand by our best artisans, which will certainly make the delights of the appreciators of this fantastic spirit drink that already has several centuries of existence. PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase this alembic still with our spring thermometer application (available in our section "accessories"), you must purchase the alembic still at the same time of the thermometer. Copper Sieve Trays for this model are also available in our section "Accessories".
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