Copper Alembic Still "Charentais"
Ref.: 7027
Copper Alembic Still "Charentais"
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This magnificent and beautiful still, had its origin in France at the beginning of the XVI century, in the region of Charente, well known for its white wines. This specific model allows to convert (through the distillation process) the acidic wines, unfit for consumption but excellent for distillation, into brandy. Due to this process of distillation, that it takes almost a day, to complete the two distillations always necessary in this case, this can produce a distillate with a quality that other models can only reach after about 4 distillations. This model includes a pre-heater to place the wine that at certain moment of distillation will mix with the wine that is inside of the pot still. The distillation of this mixture will result in the final distillate, which should then be placed in oaken barrels for aging and preserving, once that for most of Brandy variety, are required at least 2 years of preserving age. PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase this alembic still with our spring thermometer application (available in our section "accessories"), you must purchase the alembic still at the same time of the thermometer. We use in its construction copper and brass soldering, thus allowing a construction free of lead.
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