Copper Alquitar Still
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Copper Alquitar Still
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The alquitar still is a magnificent tool for distillation. Although being of Moorish origin, It is widely used since ancient times in Portugal and Spain due to its excellents results in terms of distillation. Its structure allows that in one element of the alembic it can assemble two normal elements of the traditional stills, which are the normal alembic still helmet with the condenser part in only one piece. Inside the helmet of the alquitarra it exists the vapor chamber necessary to the condensation process. Its unique format allows that the generated steam inside the pot still getting in contact with the cold water that is placed in top of the helmet will cause the condensation of the distillate. For this process, the distiller must pass water in the inside part of helmet to cool the condensation process. The extra water will go out through an outside beak that exists in the side part of the helmet. Regarding the final distillate, this will go out through the longer beak that goes out below the helmet. The pot and its use is identical to the traditional alembic still, and the only difference found it is in fact in the helmet special structure and in its unique process operation. The distillation process of the Alquitar is slower, in this way enabling a better quality of the final distillate. We use in its construction techniques that were used in past generations, using copper and brass soldering, to allow a construction free of lead. This model of alembic still serves to distil alcohol, essential oils and floral waters. PLEASE NOTICE: If you wish to purchase this alquitar still with our spring thermometer application (available in our section "accessories"), you must purchase the alquitar still at the same time of the thermometer. Copper Sieve Trays for this model are also available in our section "Accessories".
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