Ref.: 3113
Copper Hammered Cataplana/WOK
VAT not included

Copper handcrafted copper Cataplana/WOK. This innovative cataplana model can also be used as a traditional WOK. It is totally handmade, hand hammered using a bigger copper thickness (1,5mm) to give it more resistance and strenght. The interior is hand tinned using also in this way an high quality and purity tin. The traditional cataplana closures and also the long handle are produced with high quality brass and thickness. The bottom of this Cataplana/WOK is flat allowing its use in the new technology electric stoves. This model is available in 3 different sizes, which are: Ø 24cm (2 to 3 persons), Ø Ø 27cm (5 to 6 persons) and 30cm (7 to 8 persons).

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