copper masters

Since the ancient times, that copper is used by man, for the most varied aims, as soon as the man early discovered its countless virtues and consequent applications.

One of its applications was in the creation of utensils for the production of food, and here we have one of this metal most values, an excellent driver of heat that allying the fact of having antibacterial properties.

Other of its applications, was in the creation of the most varied objects for decorative purposes, being created since ancient times, objects of great beauty and value.

As the times were going by, many of those values have been lost , being substituted by others, however never managed to put out of memory the uses given during thousands of years to this nobel metal.

For this motive, COPPER MASTERS, specialized in high quality copper articles for kitchenware, cookware and decoration, comes in this way to highlight the same ancient values left by our ancestors and help to implement and improve again the uses and customs attributed to copper since ancient times, what made of it undoubtedly, an eternal metal.

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